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Who We Are

CGM Nuclear S.A. Is a company formed in 1995 by 3 professionals who worked for more than 20 years at the Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission.

They, detecting a service and supply gap in nuclear medicine centers, created CGM in order to provide them with first-line radiopharmaceuticals in a timely and efficient manner.
In addition to the production and distribution of several radiopharmaceuticals, one of the main objectives of CGM is to maintain the line of scientific research, in order to position itself at the forefront of treatments for different diseases, mainly oncological type.

This area of research has also been oriented both to the promotion of scientific knowledge at national and international level, as well as to the development of new radioisotopes and radiodiagnostic agents.
On the other hand CGM has always maintained a concern in the formation of the new generations of professionals in charge of keeping  in force the area of nuclear medicine, so that education programs of this discipline are also carried out for technical staff of hospitals and laboratories, both public and Private.

Quienes Somos




Production, Representation and Distribution of:

  • Radiofármacos 

  • Radioisótopos

  • Kits de marcación 

  • Radio Terapéuticos

  • Equipos y material de protección radiologica

All Clinic, Hospital
Or Medical Center presenting a nuclear medicine service.

  • Customer orientation

  • Product quality

  • Innovation of new products

  • Product Differentiation

  • Timely and efficient delivery

Whate we do

Research and Development

Nuestros Clientes

Our Clients


 Tagged Molecules

  Galio 68 – DOTA’s, Diagnosis of neuroendocrine tumors.

  Galio 68 – PSMA, Diagnosis of prostate cancer metastasis.

  MIBG-I-131 Diagnosis of pheochromocytoma.



 Tecnecio 99m, Mainly used as a base isotope for marking kits and their different uses.

 Yodo 131, Depending on the activity used for diagnosis or treatment of thyroid diseases.

 Galio  Ga-67, Diagnose active inflammatory or infectious diseases, tumors and abscesses.



  Lutecio 177 DOTA’s; Treatment of metastases of neuroendocrine tumors.

  Lutecio 177 PSMA; Treatment of Prostate Cancer metastases.

  MIBG-I-131 Treatment of pheochromocytoma.


 Device used to extract the isotope Technetium-99 (99mTc) from a 99-molybdenum source (99Mo). 99Mo has an average lifespan of 66 hours [1] and can be easily transported long distances to hospitals where its technetium-99m decay product With a life time of 6 hours, inconvenient to be transported) is extracted and used in a wide variety of procedures in nuclear medicine, where its short half-life is very useful.

CGM markets them according to their activity in Curie (Ci) is the size and capacity of circumvention; 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 and 1.0 Curie

ELUMATIC III 2 - 20 GBq - IBA Molecular
ELUMATIC III 2 - 20 GBq Prospecto- IBA Molecular
ETEKCIS  2 - 50 GBq - IBA Molecular
TEKCIS  2 - 50 GBq Prospecto- IBA Molecular
TEKCIS generators technical chart visit:
Reactive Kits

MDP, bone studies such as osteomyelitis, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, bone metastasis and hypoparathyroidism.

DMSA, Studies of individual renal function, renal cortex morphology, and location of the ectopic kidney.

DTPA, According to administration; The DTPA is indicated for renal scintigraphy, angiography and brain scan studies. As an aerosol, on the other hand, it is indicated for studies of pulmonary ventilation.

MIOCINT, Cardiac studies.

STAMICIS, Cardiac studies.

Review technical chart at:

OSTEOCIS, Bone studies.

Review technical chart at:

EC Edicint Dynamic renal studies.

MIBG, Evaluation of physiology of the adrenal medulla.

MIBI, Studies for the diagnosis of myocardial perfusion, myocardial infarction and evaluation of global ventricular function.

RENOCINT, Dynamic renal studies.

LINFOCINT, Lymphatic studies.

NANOCINT, Sentinel node detection.

OCTREOTIDES, Drug analogous to natural somatostatin, so it is used for the diagnosis of neuroendocrine tumors.

TRODAT, Studies of Parkinson's disease.

Review technical chart at:

PULMOCIS, Pulmonary studies.


Review technical chart at:


Review technical chart at:
  • Centro Médico Kirsten Bauer, Puerto Montt

  • Centro Médico MEDSCAN, Concepción

  • Centro Médico Talca

  • Centro médico Viña del Mar

  • Centro Radiológico Fleming

  • Cintimagen, Concepción

  • Clínica Alemana Santiago

  • Clínica Alemana Temuco

  • Clínica Alemana Valdivia

  • Clínica Dávila

  • Clínica INDISA

  • Clínica Las Condes

  • Clínica San Carlos de Apoquindo

  • Clínica San Jose, Arica

  • Clínica Santa Maria

  • Corporación Renal Mater

  • Fundación Arturo Lopez Pérez

  • Hospital Almirante Nef, Viña

  • Hospital Base de Valdivia

  • Hospital Carlos Van Buren

  • Hospital Clínico Red de salud UC-Christus

  • Hospital DIPRECA

  • Hospital Gustavo Fricke

  • Hospital Jose Joaquín Aguirre

  • Hospital Militar

  • Hospital Regional de Antofagasta

  • Hospital Regional de Copiapó

  • Hospital Regional de Temuco

  • Hospital Regional Guillermo Grant

  • Hospital San Juan

  • Hospital Sotero del Rio

  • Instituto de Radiaciones Médicas, IRAM

  • Instituto del Cáncer

  • Intersalud, Rancagua

  • Scanner Sur, Punta Arenas


Los Guindos 6285, Peñalolen, Santiago, Chile

Phone: +56 2 271 8970

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